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Free Standing Baths

Bathrooms in recent years have broken away from the limited design option of one hand basin and a bath along one wall which can be seen in millions of homes wherever running water is available. Many homes now have more than one bathroom, with the family bathroom often being as large as a bedroom, giving ample space for the imagination and allowing for free standing baths as part of the fittings. Free standing baths are not as space consuming as it may first appear, in that it frees up wall space and allows for more flexibility in placing other bathroom fitments.


Recent advances in technology mean that free standing baths can be made in any material, not just the expected cast iron, meaning that there need be no limits as to where the bathroom is placed nor the necessity for extra bracing of joists to carry the weight. Acrylic free standing baths tend to be of more modern design, with sleek sides and possibly a plinth to stand on; this can look very effective in a minimalist setting. An exciting shape in acrylic free standing baths is the square, flat-topped bath; the ultimate in simple design. Acrylic baths are often double walled, giving an insulating effect and keeping the water hotter for longer. Free standing baths do not always carry a luxury price tag – a cheaper bath following this design concept gives a budget bathroom a luxury look.

Bathroom Design

Free standing baths gives the bathroom designer a lot of scope in where to place bathroom fittings. Where space permits, a bath placed in the middle of an otherwise empty space is very elegant and gives an air of total luxury. Free standing baths looks very stylish when teamed with handbasins of similar design; a popular choice is the wall hung basin, which, as it has no pedestal gives a more open feel to the room and makes the final effect less clinical and more luxurious. In both new builds and renovations a stunning effect can be achieved by placing the free standing bath in the bedroom. This is probably not for everyone, but with bedrooms becoming less for sleeping and more for relaxation in general, this is the ultimate indulgence.


Free standing baths are a blank canvas when it comes to personal choice in plumbing and accessories. The positioning of the taps is not limited as it is in a flush fitted bath and they can literally be placed anywhere around the circumference. An elegant choice is the overhead shower, although if the bath is not in a wet room this would mean the installation of a shower curtain or screen. Taps chosen to fit the design of the bath, sleekly modern or more traditional, give the finishing touch which makes free standing baths the popular choice it is with bathroom designers and users.

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